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Soltron can be applied to any fossil fuel oil, across a variety of sectors

Marine Industry:

Soltron® has recently been rigorously trialled on a number of fossil fuel oil burning marine vessels.

These include The Stena Line Trader Ship, which operates between the Hook of Holland and Killingholme in the United Kingdom, and the Teso Texel Island ferry, which operates between Dan Helder and Texel Island in Holland.

The results have been documented and illustrated in a paper authored by Professor Roy Douglas, Assistant Dean, Director of IC Engines Research, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Queen’s University, Belfast.

In the paper, Professor Douglas examines how enzyme technology can improve the thermal efficiency of large marine diesel engines. The paper was subsequently published in a Nov 2009 issue of ‘World Bunkering’ – the official magazine of IBIA, the International Bunker Industry Association.

The results are highlighted below:

Duration (Hrs) Fuel Consumption CO2 emissions
Stena 743 10.8% reduction 10.8% reduction
Teso 1,600 7.4% reduction 7.4% reduction

Home Heating Industry:

Soltron® fuel enzymes have presented exceptional results when blended with Kerosene, a more refined fuel type which is commonly used as heating fuel, and widely used to power jet-engined aircraft. During a two week trial period on a standard domestic Warmflow heating boiler, an improvement of 4% efficiency increase was recorded, which equates to 5% fuel saving.

‘Diesel Bug’ elimination:

Soltron® ensures that engines are protected against contamination from Microbial and Bacterial bugs, which bugs reproduce in fuel tanks contaminating fuel, which in turn block filters and cause engine failure. This is an industry-wide issue, exacerbated by changing fuel Sulphur levels. In recent trials carried out by the South African Bureau of Standards, 99.92% of harmful bacteria was eliminated from Soltron® treated fuel within a 5-day period.

Audiovisual Documentation:

More detailed information into the findings from the tests carried out on The Stena Line Trader Ship, The Teso Texel Island ferry in addition to further detail on the benefits of treating fossil fuel oils with Soltron® can be viewed below.

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