What is Soltron®?

Soltron® is a proven microbiological fuel technology.

Soltron® is an advanced enzyme compound that increases fuel efficiency, power output and reduces green house gas emissions. It was originally discovered by a Japanese research team who were studying how enzyme-based solutions – combining biotechnology and natural enzymes - could reduce sludge build-up in water pipes and tanks. It was soon discovered that Soltron®, proved to be highly effective at treating bottom sludge in fuel tanks by converting the hydrocarbon elements in the sludge back into certified fuel.

Since then, Soltron® has delivered appreciable benefits in terms of improved combustion from spark ignition engines, road diesel engines, gas turbines, heavy marine diesels and commercial and power station boilers. When added to fossil fuel oils, in miniscule amounts, Soltron’s® enzymes break up the long chain hydrocarbons and contaminants that prevent clean efficient combustion.

The concept is simple – A more complete ‘burn’ gives a greater power output. A cleaner burn proportionately reduces CO2, CO, HC, SOx, NOx & particulate emissions.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced emissions
  • Enhanced fuel quality
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Optimal engine performance
  • Optimal boiler performance
  • 'Diesel Bug' elimination
  • Sludge formation elimination

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